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Fifty years ago, Earth Day became the largest people's

protest in the history of the world.

This year, the Earth Day is going digital

for the first time in its history. 

We’ll demand that leaders take science seriously,

listen to their people

and push for action

at every level of society

to stop the rising tide

of climate change. 


Together, we can make a better world for everyone;

bring your friends and family 

and come back here

to make and share

your own promise to the Earth.

With the hashtag #MyPromisefortheEarth 

we connect on social media,

to inspire and uplift each other. 

This April 22, 2020,

we are facing two crises:

One is immediate from a pandemic

and the other is slowly building as a disaster for our climate.

We can, will, and must solve

both challenges. 

The world was not prepared

for a coronavirus.

Leaders ignored hard science and delayed critical actions.

We still have time to prepare

— in every part of the world —

for the climate crisis.

We must act together to say that global disaster

must never happen again;

we must not make

the same mistakes twice.

On its 50th anniversary,

Earth Day will return

to its roots from 1970:

Placing environmental progress among

the best ways to improve our world.

Thanks to heroic actions

around the world,

we will overcome and recover

from the coronavirus.

The world will never be the same,

but maybe it can be better.

We must not allow the return to business,

travel, consumption as usual.

Our planet

— our future —

depends on it.

Create awareness, take action, and add your voice.


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