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Oxygen Project is our long-term partnership with Oxygen Water to help protect our precious ocean, a new initiative to drive positive change. 


Through a monthly subscription, with Oxygen Water, we propose you oxygen-rich mineral water, no preservatives or artificial agents, delivered to your home. Drinking oxygen-rich water means drinking the best of water and strengthening your body. Pure Energy. Find out more

Becoming a member of #Oxygenproject is join the MORE community and help reduce plastic pollution, while oxygenating every cell of your body. Connecting well-being and sustainability.

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Half of the air we breathe comes from the ocean.

More precisely, it is the phytoplankton, this set of plant organisms that predominates in ocean ecosystems, which are the main supplier of this oxygen. They are essential to the survival of many species, including our own.

But they are undermined by the deoxygenation of the ocean - due to global warming, plastic pollution and the release of agricultural fertilizers and wastewater. Scientific studies show that phytoplankton populations have decreased by 40% over the past 80 years.

And that's how their ecosystem, the ocean, is today out of breath.

The oxygen content of sea waves has been dropping dramatically for several years. This deoxygenation of the ocean damages marine biodiversity.

So, we must act now before it is too late.

Each of us can make a difference.


Take part in our #oxygenproject initiative to concretely change our consumption behavior and protect our ocean.

Our massive use of plastic bottles creates a major ecological problem. It's urgent. We must drastically reduce our consumption of mineral water in plastic bottles.

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When the water heats up, an astonishing phenomenon occurs on the surface of the ocean that can be seen from space: a bloom of phytoplankton.

An explosion of life in the form of billions of micro algae.


This climatic phenomenon of "phytoplankton bloom", is a pleasure for the eyes. It presents itself as a large cloud on the surface of the water and is distinguished by a strong contrast of colors, oscillating between green, blue and orange depending on where in the world it occurs.


However, there is not always cause to rejoice in the sudden appearance of such phenomena because the proliferation and concentration of such algae over too long a period can become a threat to the marine ecosystem. Too dense algal bloom - whether of natural origin, caused by human activity or soil pollution - can cause oxygen depletion in the water.


Phytoplankton by Planète Océan. 

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