One Ocean. One Earth. One Voice.

There is only one ocean

that covers this planet.

The lifeblood of the planet,

the ocean connects us

to each other

and makes life on our planet possible.

Today, our ocean is in danger,

choking on the plastic that flows

from our homes and communities

into rivers,

onto beaches down

to the very depths of the ocean. 

Plastic killing us

devastating our ocean

and slowly poisoning us

with the micro or nano-plastics.

It's not because it is invisible

that it doesn't exist.

We have the power to change.

And think again,

recycling plastic is not the solution,

it's a myth.

Our planet cannot absorb

all our massive production

of these “indestructible”

and toxic materials. 

One of the most powerful things

we can do as customers

is demand change

and reject the lie

about plastic recycling.


The solutions:

drastically limit

the use of plastics,

prevent them from reaching the sea

and innovate

with new bio-sourced

and biodegradable materials.

Ours polaire
plastic pollution
Blue Planet II BBC
Plastic Pollution Antartic
Image tortue plastic pollution
Seal plastic pollution
Coral Reef and plastic fish net


Together we can change our future.